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A  dietary supplement, contains a combination of plant extracts, selected in such a way as to support the body during the weight loss process. It contains an extract from Mumiyo, called "the blood of the mountain". It is a substance that can be found only in a few places on earth at high altitudes, mainly in the deep caverns of the mountains of Central Asia, Tibet and Iran. Mumiyo is a natural substance with a unique composition that has a rejuvenating effect, supports the metabolism of fats and sugars, and helps to normalize body weight. The composition also contains capsaicin, which stimulates carbohydrate oxidation and helps maintain normal body weight after weight loss. The research conducted by the scientists from the University of Wyoming clearly demonstrated that this substance is effective against obesity and burns calories.
The research conducted by the scientists from the University of Wyoming clearly demonstrated that this substance is effective against obesity and burns calories. It is an antioxidant, therefore, it also protects the body against free radicals. An artichoke, added to SlimCol, supports weight loss and helps to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. Ginger and gurmar, used in the composition, help to control normal blood sugar levels and reduce cravings for sweets. Known and appreciated common chicory supports the detoxification system of the body and helps in the process of losing weight.

• supports weight loss (artichoke, common chicory)
• stimulates the oxidation of carbohydrates (capsaicin)
• helps to maintain a healthy body weight (grapes)
• helps to reduce cravings for sweets (gurmar)
• contributes to the normalization of body weight (Mumiyo)
• helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels (ginger, common chicory)


stimulates the oxygenation of carbohydrates, helps maintain correct body weight after losing weight, has antioxidative properties therefore it protects the body against free radicals

help maintain correct body weight, help reduce cellulite, thanks to their antioxidative properties help maintain healthy blood vessels and capillaries.

helps lose weight, helps maintain correct blood levels of cholesterol and supports lipid metabolism, helps detoxify the body as it increases water secretion by the kidneys, also contributes to normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract

helps control normal blood levels of sugar, has stimulation and toning properties therefore it increases the body resistance to fatigue, supports normal functioning of muscles and joints

Common chicory:
helps in a weight-loss process, supports body detoxification , helps stimulate digestion and supports normal functioning of the intestines and liver

helps reduce craving for sweets, helps lose weight as it reduces appetite therefore the total calorie amount is reduced, helps maintain normal blood levels of sugar

Supports metabolism of lipids and sugar, helps maintain normal body weight,has rejuvenating properties, helps maintain normal mental and cognitive functioning, helps maintain balanced immune system, helps maintain healthy urinary tract, helps maintain healthy joints and bones supports male and female sexual functions


Recommended daily intake is 1 capsule. As the product contains capsaicin consume 1 capsule after a meal with plenty of water.
Supplement friendly to vegans and vegetarians.