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Refreshing Shower Gel


Refreshing body and face shower gel with argan oil


Skin cleansing is essential. Our refreshing body and face shower gel removes impurities, leaves your skin clean and fresh. When mixed with water, the gel changes into a slightly foaming cream which prevents dry skin. Argan oil regenerates and nourishes while preventing dry skin. Caffeine is a natural component of coffee beans. It stimulates the cardiovascular system, reduces tensions in smooth muscles, resulting in relaxation, and a better physical and mental state. L-arginine, which  is one of the gel's ingredients,  invigorates and boosts the energy level. The moisturising formula restores your skin’s balance. It is completed by the light and fresh scent. We have created this product for men who have an active lifestyle who need vitality and energy. Colway International – GROUNDBREAKING ACHIEVEMENTS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY for your good looks.


Argan oil
it regenerates and nourishes, reduces irritation and redness of the skin, thanks to the wealth of vitamin E and phenolic compounds, it has antioxidant effects, it effectively prevents skin from aging while making it more moisturised, elastic and regenerated.

is a natural component of coffee beans, it stimulates the cardiovascular system, while reducing tensions in smooth muscles, which results in relaxation, and a better physical and mental state. It dehydrates cells, which tightens and smooths cells. Its drainage properties speed up microcirculation. As an antioxidant, it contributes to the reduction of wrinkles; and it tones the skin.

soothes the skin and stimulates collagen production. It supports the regeneration of dry, flaky skin.  It enhances circulation and improves absorption of active ingredients and nutrients. It strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier.


Apply gel to damp body. Massage in a circular motion for several minutes, then rinse.