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Collagen, as 30% of the total weight of human proteins, is responsible for continuous renewal of cells. It guarantees appropriate elasticity, firmness, and moisturising of skin.

For even better look of your skin and its maximum density improvement, we developed COLVITA - a capsule of the youth.

COLVITA is a result of a sensational invention of Polish biotechnology - pure and natural collagen obtained from fish skin. It is a supplement of diet and nutricosmetic in capsules, a unique in the world complex of freezed dried pure fish tropocollagen, algae extract and vitamin E.

COLVITA is a unique, native, unusually bio-available and completely connective tissues rebuilding collagen, among other food supplements, based generally on animal protein hydrolysis, more commonly known as gelatine.

Caring for your youth, COLVITA was enriched with algae (Fucus vesiculosus) with high iodine content needed to maintain a proper skin structure. We also added vitamin E obtained from soya beans, protecting the most important youth bastion and vitality - genetic code of DNA skin cells.

COLVITA provides organism with a complete set of amino acids - collagen building components, which is the entire connective tissue.

Algae (Fucus Vesiculosus), fish collagen, elastin, vitamin E (DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate), lactic acid, gelatin capsule, citric lyophyilizate - carrier

Collagen - the most important protein of human body and the most important component of connective tissue. It is responsible for condition of skin, eyeballs, bones, hair and nails. According to the recent research human ageing process is largely determined by the state of body collagen which is in turn clearly reflected in the condition of skin. Collagen included in COLVITA supplements diet with ingredients which are very rarely obtained by organism from everyday food and are not delivered by any other produced supplement.

Algae - selected as one of ingredients of COLVITA as it shows synergy with fish collagen.
Algae are rich in:
vitamins B and C
selenium and zinc (microelements which are very important for collagen synthesis)
Algae fasten metabolism, prevent constipation, lower cholesterol level, increase immunity, strengthen hair and nails, improve blood supply of skin.

Vitamin E - an ingredient of many diet supplements. However, activity of synthetic vitamin E is in comparison with the one obtained from natural food, very poor. In COLVITA there is the newest, biotechnological formula of vitamin E with 100% of biological activity. Vitamin E was chosen as an ingredient of COLVITA due to its pharmacological characteristics (mostly antioxidant) and its influence on assimilation of protein. Vitamin Edetermines synthesis of collagen in organism. Another vital vitamin which determines synthesis of collagen is vitamin C. Its most precious form obtained algae, is also present in COLVITA but in a dose below daily recommended allowance.

Lyophilization - means freezing pure fish collagen to a temperature of minus 40ºC under high vacuum (1Pa), and then sublimating it (drying).
This method guarantees the highest purity and lightness of the product. It "swells" in the alimentary canal several dozen times according to its volume, which is beneficial for people who want to loose weight as protein diet supports metabolizing fats.
Thanks to this method we get a capsule of biologically active pure fish collagen (98% of proteins) composed of highly bio-absorbable amino acids (collagen components). Synthesis of those amino acids is supported by vitamin E as well as by minerals and vitamin C present in algae.

Youth is in you.

COLVITA has been created in accordance with directives defined by nutritionists, immunologists and dermatologists in:

lyophilization technique of protein of fish origin
selection of active ingredients and their doses
constant verification of ingredients quality
respondents opinions on product's effectiveness

First symptoms of COLVITA effectiveness are seen after 2 months of regular usage (2 capsules a day). Hair and tissues supporting skin are stronger, which makes skin more supple and moisturized.

After 4-6 months of supplementation we can expect effects that are better not described here as that could be understood as advertising COLVITA as a medication, which it is not.

COLVITA supplementation will not replace varied diet and is not recommended as the only source of supplementation.  Producer's aim was to make COLVITA a unique capsule, containing first of all concentrated bioactive collagen and essential dose of active substances supporting its synthesis.

2 capsules daily, preferably after or during a meal due to presence of vitamin E, which dissolves only in fats.

Colvita comes in 2 sizes
box of 60 capsules
box of 120 capsules