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History of the origin



COLWAY is a company different from others. Colway is marketing with a human face, in which participants do not dream the dream of others, but their own COLWAY is consumer and distribution network.  COLWAY is based from the very beginning on liberalism full transparency of principles and flexibility of network marketing. Colway has set new standards in the industry.



How did Colway come into existence?



This story begins in 2003, when Maurycy Turek - Founder of the company came across a unique product - Natural Collagen - a Polish biochemical invention. It was with him that Colway first started conquering, first the Polish market, and soon foreign markets. Maurice Turek believed that with this product, the real elixir of youth of the twenty-first century it is worth involving his future business. With this thought he infected his neighbour at that time, and now partner, Jarosław Zych.


The founders of COLWAY® gathered all, successive layers of criticisms in Europe about organizations and practices of MLM from the 90s, and then drew up far-reaching conclusions. Creating marketing with a human face, friendly to participants, free from all traps and deviation. An ultra-liberal system, constructed in such a manner that the entire trade margin was found on the Network, so that traders and sales organizers may finally earn from this great product.


This is how Colway came into existence - first in the history of network marketing business, where the financial system is not an information annex, but a signed commitment of the organizers, impossible to change to the disadvantage of the participants.


This is how Colway came into existence- a company in which Sellers feel great because their trade margins are very high! It is an organization in which the builders of structures feel great because with teams of a few dozen people they can at a record pace acquire commissions in the amount comparable to those for which in many MLM’s they would need to build a structure of several thousand ...




Where are we heading



We have been moving consistently for 10 years towards Success. Although this success has come, and despite the fact that we are now one of the leading network marketing organizations in this part of Europe, 5th - 6th company in terms of trade in this sector in Poland, we still consider it the beginning of our collagen road. Col-way…

































What do we believe to be success?



Is it only a growing sales turnover that generates profits? Certainly not. Colway® has never promised anyone mythical wealth as often is the case in network marketing. In Colway® money has never been a fetish although all those professionally involved in the project have never complained of its lack.  Our Financial Plan, perfectly tailored to the needs of Central European citizens, was constructed so as to allow more Participants relatively quickly acquire decent money, but not tempted by mirages. Our success is the fact that with this company hundreds of people earn good money, thousands effectively patch up their household budgets and tens of thousands, for years retain a youthful appearance, and their good time...


What we believe to be a success is that after a decade of operation on the market, no one has anything bad to say about the Colway® network that it is no use searching the web for unflattering opinions about our organization or products. Our success is the popularization of the great Polish biotechnological invention, as well as protecting it from acquisition by any foreign company....




Our way


We aspire to live in harmony with each other, surrounded by family and friends. We help everyone to create such a harmony in their own environment. In the Colway structures, such friendships are born, and the climates of our meetings are very often a reminiscence of one big family. That is why in Colway® we completely renounced manipulative techniques and glitz that are the entourage of many businesses of this kind. That is why we focus on the welfare of the Network Participants, simple relationships and transparency. We are consistently striving to be a company most friendly to people, where there are no barriers, levels of initiation, so that everyone has free access to any information and to each person in Colway who makes decisions or manages. We aim towards an organizational model in which all members contribute.


We strive to make the education we offer have a universal value. We do not indoctrinate that our company is the best, but rather teach practical business tools that will benefit anyone in life beyond Colway®. We do not appropriate anyone’s soul, we indicate the way for personal development...
































We aim to let out the best in people. Our success is in fact their energy. This energy is their willingness to act. This energy is also an inspiration. It is the motivation to create business ties and interpersonal relations. And In the collagen brotherhood this energy is visible. The Energy of taking actions - striving to improve the quality of your life and others.


We strive to ensure that the incredible internal energy of these wonderful people, who walk the road with us, is transformed to an energy emanating “on the outside" - in physical strength, health and outer beauty. We strive to inscribe all our activities in the mainstream of Wellness, the best trends of the era.


This is the cause our quest, our organizational model and our products serve!

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